Uni Bus

CubeSat platform for personalized payload (for example EO).



Cubesat SatRevolution platform with flight heritage.

Equipped with SatRevolution all necessary subsystems to provide service to payloads:

  • 2U or 3U structure
  • Power system with up to 50W of peak power
  • Advanced attitude determination and control system with 2 degrees of pointing accuracy (magnetorqs and reaction wheels)
  • Redundant UHF for commend telemetry communication system
  • S-band communication system for data downlink
  • All current payload interfaces available
  • 36 months of mission lifetime

Range of innovative payload and data services available


Space-proven UniBus structure:

  • CNC manufactured of Aluminium 6061, 5083, 6082 alloy
  • Hard anodized and oxidized
  • Up to 2 safety deployment switches and 1 RBF pins
  • Two separation springs



  • Platform can accept both standard PC104 and platform proprietary design mechanical payload interfaces. Proprietary design allows for smooth payload integration process.
  • Interfaces available: I2C, SPI, UART, RS485, RS422, CAN, USB, Ethernet, DAC/ADC. Other interfaces are available on request.


A Space-proven Command and Data Handling module with following capabilities:

  • Main processor: up to 216MHz, 2MB FLASH
  • Storage memory: from 1GB up to 16GB NAND FLASH
  • External program memory: up to 3MB with hardware Forward Error Correction (possible TMR)
  • Possible payload interfaces: I2C, SPI, UART, RS485, RS422, CAN, USB, Ethernet, DAC/ADC
  • Multiple temperature sensors
  • Working temperatures: -30oC to 65oC
  • Power Supply: independent DC/DC converter

Over The Air update


Platform is equipped with following attitude determination and control subsystems:

  • Space-proven advance flight computer
  • 3x magnetorquers
  • Possible 3x reaction wheels
  • Coars sun-sensors
  • Fine sun-sensors
  • 1x magnetometer 3-axis
  • 1x gyroscope 3-axis
  • 1x GPS receiver

Platform allows for the following accuracy:

  • <1 degree of positioning accuracy
  • <1 degree of pointing accuracy

CM (2x UHF & 1x S-band):

Redundant Low frequency communication module include:

  • Two independent radio transceiver
  • Frequency range: 400-440 MHz (possible reconfiguration on request [120-500 MHz])
  • Transmission data rate 9,6 kb/s
  • RF output power: 30dBm (possible reconfiguration on request)
  • External program memory: up to 1MB with hardware Forward Error Correction
  • Radio Sensitivity: -120dBm
  • Over The Air update

S-band communication module include:

  • S-band operational frequency 2200 – 2290 MHz, 2400-2450 MHz
  • RF output power: 30dBm
  • S-band transmission rate 0,5 Mb/s
  • External program memory: up to 1MB with hardware Forward Error Correction

Over The Air update


Power management system is based on complex of Energy Harvesting System; Battery Management System; Auxiliary Power System (payload power supply).

  • Peak power 75W
  • System redundancy, autonomous fault handling and recovery
  • Battery supervisory circuit
  • Hardware protection from excessive discharge
  • Hardware MPPT implementation
  • User programable up to 6A maximum battery pack load current

Available Power Supply: 1.8V, 3.3V, 5V, 12V and unregulated Battery Voltage


  • Thermal-vacuum
  • Random vibrations
  • EMC

Datasheet download

Uni Bus Datasheet